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The idMI Experience

Jorge Isidro Saiz and Todd Dunbar Reeves founded isidro dunbar HOME COLLECTIONS in 1993, opening their first modern furniture store in the Historic Westboro Mart of Topeka, KS. The relocation to Destin, FL in 2007 was an exciting transition to the Gulf Coast and came with changing the showroom name to isidro dunbar MODERN INTERIORS to represent the unique style being brought to the Panhandle. With 26 years of experience and expanding their business four times, the words modern and contemporary are not just descriptions of furniture but a true lifestyle.

idMI has been praised for their large selection of unique modern and contemporary retail offerings, but also for their fresh design sense. Clients appreciate their experience and style of the modern world of design. isidro dunbar Modern Interiors’ offers extraordinary service, product knowledge, great selection and personal attention. The idMI showroom is full of creative ideas and they offer professional consulting design services.

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Voted the Best Modern Interior Design in Destin, 30a and Fort Walton