Furniture may not move on its own, but it should move with your body for comfort. That is exactly what American Leather thought when they designed the Style in Motion collection. Combining stylish designs with innovative technology, this modern furniture collection provides superior support through fluid motion.

Simply Modern Touches

The first thing you notice with the Style in Motion collection is the look. The clean lines and modern/contemporary silhouettes give this collection a signature style and feel. On top of the modern style, American Leather also takes great care in its quality and engineering. Utilizing THE most up to date technology, American Leather is able to precisely craft the frame and cover to make sure the overall look and feel of every piece is as clean as possible. This tailored and accurate finish meshes brilliantly with the overall concepts for a look that is uniquely modern.

Multiple Moving Parts

While many modern furniture collections will offer some kind of support mechanism for comfort, the American Leather Style in Motion collection offers multiple. From an articulating power headrest to support your head, neck and shoulders, to supports for your back and legs, this collection allows you to maximize comfort in one fluid movement. Not only does the technology designed by American Leather surpass the others, it is also an off-the-floor mechanism, which extends its longevity and value.

Unparalleled Control

Whereas some furniture will have you pulling levers or reaching between cushions, the Style in Motion collection brings modern furniture control into the 21st century. There are so many possibilities with these pieces that ease of use is a must. To make sure of this, American Leather includes a stainless-steel panel on the Style in Motion pieces. These control panels include a USB port and backlit LED lighting to make it even more convenient! “Simply Beautiful” as one client recently stated in the store!

Navigate Tight Spaces

One of the drawbacks for reclining furniture in the past has been how much room the furniture needs because of the reclining mechanisms. American Leather also solved this problem with a wall-hugging design, which allows the pieces to recline even when placed close to walls. Gone are the days when the recliner had to be two feet away from the wall. With the new wall-hugging design, the Style in Motion collection are easily added to smaller spaces. Some styles are a simple 5” from the wall.

Modern furniture is constantly changing to meet the needs of the world around it. American Leather is one THE innovator that stays ahead of the changes. The Style in Motion collection is a prime example of being ahead of the trends. With the signature modern style and advanced technology in these pieces, they are able to transcend genres.

To find out more about the American Leather Style in Motion collection, visit us at Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors. As the only leading modern furniture store in the Destin/30a and the Panhandle of Florid, we will help you find the style that fits your needs and your space! Come see for yourself how beautiful Style in Motion furniture can really be!