What is soft to the touch, and cleanable with water and durable???

ULTRASUEDE — THAT IS THE ANSWER!!  Developed in 1970, Ultrasuede continues to be one of the most popular choices for furniture. Often described as an alternative to leather, Ultrasuede is a multi functional synthetic fiber that is used for a variety of reasons. Typically, a staple in modern furniture stores, there are many brands that use Ultrasuede in their lines for many of the reasons listed below!


The resistance of Ultrasuede is one of the key benefits for its use in furniture. It is 200 times more durable than the cheap imitations. It is crafted from a combination of polyester non-woven and non-fibrous polyurethane, It is a non-woven technology that keeps the fabric looking good!  Ultrasuede can resist the pulling and fraying that many fabrics do. And it may be used for contract as well as residential use. No fading or crocking issues ever! It is an extremely pet friendly fabric as hairs do not adhere, does not retain odors, and there are no threads for pets to pull!


While it is often described as artificial leather, Ultrasuede has the feel of natural suede. This luxurious, soft texture makes it an especially appealing material for modern furniture. The softness is a perfect choice for maximizing comfort, which is why it is often used in sofas, recliners and other functional furniture. It is offered in 97 colors, and is supported by a 10-year warranty!


With its leather-like appearance, Ultrasuede provides the sophisticated, modern look furniture companies are looking to achieve.  It will remain soft to the touch, and is easily cleanable luxury. Just a little soap and water and you will feel you have a brand-new piece of furniture in your home!!! It is A M A Z I N G !!!


Similar to the durability of Ultrasuede, it is also easily to clean. Due to the resistance of the material, there is very little discoloration and staining. This resistance makes it very appealing for furniture brands and customers alike.

With so many great qualities, it is no wonder why modern furniture stores can’t get enough of Ultrasuede. From brands American Leather to Pinnacle, modern furniture companies understand the versatility Ultrasuede brings and the appeal to consumers.

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