Modern Interior Design: Making Outdoor and Indoor Furniture Work Together

There is a lot about creating a cohesive look for your home; especially when it comes for modern interior design. In terms of style and feel, most home or
condo owners are very particular about the furniture they purchase, making sure it works with the other furniture in the space. You want things to work and blend harmoniously together!

It should go-without-say, that most people would want their outdoor furniture to work with their indoor furniture. If you are modern in your interiors, then you should also be modern in your exterior furnishings. It is simple! Keep it clean, stylish, and sophisticated.

Here are a few tips for making you indoor and outdoor furniture work together.

Look at it as an Extension of The Indoor Space

People are living more of an “indoor-outdoor” lifestyle. Walls of the home/condo, retract and can become completely hidden to create a flow to the outside world! ALWAYS thinking about the outside of your home as an extension of the inside can make it easier to visualize what the possibilities can be! The outside of a home should take on the same functionality and style of the inside of a home. Recently we did an outdoor space and placed sectional in the living room and a sectional on the patio outside the same space. The only way to do that, though, is by making a conscious decision about making it happen. Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors Designers are great at creating cohesive plans to make the inside and outside of a home work together in harmony.

Matching Isn’t Always the Answer, but it can be a start!

Making furniture work together doesn’t always mean making them match. The idea of the inside and outside of a home work together is about creating flow and a sense of consistency. It’s the style that should work together, and the colors that work together, it can mean that they are mirror images of each other, or it can be something different as long as it is a Modern Style, then it will work!

Little Details, Do the Trick, Making it all work Together!

Since exterior spaces are as important as the interior spaces, making the two work together is very important. And the exterior should be accessorized, thought out, and planned with a Professional Interior Designer from Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors.

Paying close attention to how the furniture you are purchasing for the inside and outside of your home can go a long way in how you feel about your home. Making the two spaces work together add style and make you enjoy all the spaces of your home. It also increases your living spaces! Let isidro dunbar Modern Interiors help create harmony and balance in your home, both inside and outside! Enjoy the GREAT OUTDOORS!