Modern Furniture in Motion: Pinnacle Seating Studio

At its core, modern furniture is the combination of art and function. In looking at a space, modern furniture designers are tasked with creating furniture that speaks to all elements of that space: style, comfort, purpose.  Like everything, there are varying levels of success when it comes to modern furniture design. At the bottom are those pieces that are contrived and gimmicky; at the top is Pinnacle Seating Studio furniture.

The furniture from Pinnacle Seating Studio is everything modern interior designers dream.  The line is completely unique, designs incorporating art and functionality seamlessly, taking interior spaces and transforming them into modern canvasses of style and significance. Clean, rigid designs are not all that unique in modern furniture; what Pinnacle Seating Studio does with its Motion Series is take those designs and put them in motion with power reclining features, customizable configurations and technological upgrades.

Recline in Style

The M-Series and 2 other styles from Pinnacle Seating Studio features independent reclining head and footrests, providing ultimate comfort regardless of your preferences. Whether you want to lay back completely, put your feet up or just tilt your head back, the motion series from Pinnacle Seating Studio has you covered. Simply press a button, and you can control the sitting experience you want.

Create Your Space

Most modern furniture is designed for a specific look. With Pinnacle, there are many number of options in terms of setting up the furniture. The Motion furniture comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, Fabrics and Leathers which allow you to find the pieces to fit your space.  This gives you and your designer, the ability to be create a unique space just for you.

Power Up While You Sit

Not only will you be comfortable in your completely unique space with Pinnacle Seating Studio furniture; you will also be able to plug in to stay connected. All the motion series come with a USB port that allows you to plug in while you relax. It doesn’t get much more comfortable, and allows you to view two screens at once!

While most modern furniture company’s claim they combine style and functionality, Pinnacle Seating Studio truly does it. Crafted from the finest materials, designed with the most elegant and sophisticated trends in mind and upgraded with the latest technological advances, the Motion Series of furniture truly worth calling modern.

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