Make sure YOU, Chose the RIGHT furniture Store for YOU!

For many furniture lovers, when it comes time to make a change, they usually know what they want, especially in the Modern world. It could as simple as a new piece to fill out a room, it could be replacing an old piece or it could be a complete makeover; regardless of what it is, most people have an idea of what they are looking to do when they enter the furniture store. The only problems that arise are finding the right pieces at the right furniture store!

There are a great many of stores claiming to be modern furniture experts and while at best they may be transitional, they are rarely MODERN. That is when choosing the right one can be difficult. Here are some tips for choosing the right modern furniture store for you.

Start with Checking the Website

The age of brick and mortar stores without a website are over. A website not only provides additional information, but also creates a sense of authority. On top of having a website, good modern furniture stores are usually easy to spot based on what the site looks like. If it is out of date, chances are they probably don’t keep up with the latest trends. If it isn’t stylish, then they don’t have stylish furniture in their stores. The way the business is presented online is a good indicator of how credible they really are. We at isidro dunbar Modern Interiors update our website on a consistent basis, and it is an extension of our store. We do not sell from the website as our philosophy is that when people are serious about their purchases, they should come to the store and really sit in all that we offer, feel the fabrics, leathers, Ultrasuede’s. Come to the store and see how Modern we really are, and if it is a good fit for the customer.

Make sure to Read Reviews

Unless it is a brand-new business, chances are there are reviews out there about the business. Having all 5-star reviews doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good furniture store. Instead of basing your decision solely on the star rating, it is best to determine the validity of the reviews. Bad reviews are a part of being a business, but customer service can go a long way. If the business responds to negative reviews, it is a good sign they care about customer service and the products they sell. Reviews are a great way to see if you want to go into the store, but remember customer service is the most important At isidro dunbar MODERN INTERIORS Customers are the reason we are in business, we continue to offer the up most in customer service possible.

Other Services They Offer

For modern furniture stores, it is about more than simply the furniture. First off the sales people must be knowledgeable of the products that they are selling. They also need to have a sense of style about them, and about the products. A good modern furniture store will usually offer some kind of consulting or interior design services, which showcases their knowledge and expertise in all things modern. If they do not have a portfolio of their work, then ask to see any photos of a recent project. This will also help you decide if they are Modern in the way you think that Modern should be! Again, isidro dunbar Modern Interiors is often imitated, but in reality they are not Modern.

While most people know what they want, having a professional help with the decision can go a long way in making the correct decision. isidro dunbar Modern Interiors is THE modern furniture store Florida Panhandle residents can and do trust. After 24 years in the industry, and 24 years of only doing MODERN FURNITURE, why would you go somewhere that put a “modern section” in just a month ago? Ask the experts at isidro dunbar Modern Interiors who have seen and lived with a great modern design, done great modern interiors, and work in the modern world every day!