Interior Design Renovations: The Reality! The Headaches!! And the Trauma!!!

When it comes to renovating the interiors of your home, it is truly not as easy as popular reality home renovation shows make it seem. From the design to the actual work, interior design renovations should be handled by professionals who have the vision, knowledge, and ability to create a look that is stylish and functional.  Plus, you never really know what is behind that wall, or if that wall can really be moved!deep sitting fabric sectional on white rug with multilevel coffee table

For those people who have tried to forgo hiring professionals and instead taken on projects by themselves, you already know how renovations and the entire interior design projects can take on a life of their own and cause some major headaches.

For those people who are interested in an interior design renovation, save yourself the pain and reality of the situation and just hire a professional to help with your project. Hiring a professional will save you money, help save you stress and understand that they do this for a living and nothing, rarely surprises them. They can also explain to you in layman’s language what the Contractor has found, why it can or can’t be done, and offer a suggestion on how to make it work!

The Reality

With the rise in popularity of home makeover shows and social media platforms focusing on DIY home projects, more people than ever are interested in interior design renovations. The reality, though, is there is a difference between being interested and being able to do it.  TV makes it look like it can be done in 3 days, and what you don’t see is the drips, the bad installations, the messy paint jobs, the cheap cabinets basically the list is endless. It’s fine for some, but not for most our clients!

Despite the large amount of “5 step design” ideas being spread around the internet; interior design renovations take a lot of skill and ability. Just like any other profession, when it comes to projects that are specific to the industry, it’s best left in the hands of professionals. Remember, they have been through this before and can help you with the process. Always hire a Professional interior designer and a Professional Contractor that is licensed.

The Headaches

Interior design renovations may look simple on paper, but it doesn’t usually take too long before you realize just how intensive it can be. For most “do-it-yourselfers”, the project starts and a few hours, a week or a month passes before it hits you that you can’t finish the work. Whether it’s a result of time, skill or commitment, most DIY interior design projects end up becoming a major headache for people. This can be easily avoided by hiring professionals to handle the job for you to make sure it doesn’t turn into a major headache. Plus, you may have done it just as the “DIY” Show suggested, and well, in reality the Internet does not know what your situation, but an on hands Designer and Contractor really do have your best interest in mind when helping you.

The Trauma

A half-finished or sub-par interior design renovation can be a real eye sore. While most DIY projects start out with grand visions of modern furniture gracing your home, they end up with half-finished design elements strung across a room. In the end, most DIYers understand the benefit of hiring a professional interior designer to handle their project. Avoiding the trauma of seeing your home in a state of disarray can help save you time, money and a major headache.

Don’t be retroactive with your interior design renovation. Hire a professional from the start and you can sit back and watch your home be transformed into a modern marvel.

For people in the Destin, 30a and throughout the Panhandle of Florida area, call Isidro Dunbar Modern Interiors for all your renovations and interior design needs, they know how to make things happen, and get the job finished.