This is the Future of Modern Furniture

Introducing the VERSA From American Leather and it totally Defines Versatility

There was a time when modern furniture made you think of an almost empty room with a few separate, but stunning pieces and modern furniture stores were simply off limits. Even if you did enjoy and understand the beauty of simplicity, you would not be comfortable.  Those days are over; thanks in part to the innovative new modern furniture from American Leather. The modular collection “Versa” is a prime example of this forward thinking and is one more way for people to be able to enjoy the beauty of modern furniture in their homes or condos.

A Fit for Any Size Room

Whether it’s an expansive home or a studio apartment, the Versa collection has you covered. The beautifully crafted modular

pieces can be combined to create a single cohesive piece or they can be used independently of each other as standalone pieces.

This versatility of the VERSA allows you to not only incorporate Versa pieces into any room, but to also bring the furniture with you to any size home or condominium you live in.

Being Bold with Color

Do each piece of the VERSA in a Different Leather, Fabric or Ultrasuede, make it be as fun and colorful as you want it to be! Modern furniture doesn’t mean you must avoid colors. White, Greys and Taupe’s are always going to be around, but with American Leather their combinations are limitless, well, 33,183,000 different combinations to be exact.   You get to choose what you want, make it bright or make is subdued, the comfort of the VERSA will always be there.

Choose Your Comfort

Like the color, each VERSA piece can be selected based on the use of the sofa/sectional, it comes in two different seat depths, with multiple different combinations to make it be the exact sofa/sectional you are looking for…but then there is a game, and you move it to make it fit for the party. American Leather has thought of many different configurations for this sofa/sectional. IT IS VERSA, it is VERSATILE, and it is COMFORTABLE.

Modern furniture should no longer be thought of as always being standard and modern furniture stores should no longer be thought of as unapproachable. With the advent of modern technology and innovative brands like American Leather, modern furniture can now be configured to fit specific needs and styles.

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