Brown Jordan Furniture: Vintage Modern Furniture

It’s very often that you hear something described Vintage, and you immediate conclude that it must be MODERN. Fortunately for you (and us) Brown Jordan is Vintage Styled with a Modern take on life and that is exactly what makes Brown Jordan Furniture so unique. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL outdoor living is what makes Brown Jordan so special. Using designs that breathe new life into iconic looks, Brown Jordan Furniture captures the idyllic nature of the past and infuses it with modern comfort and flair. These pieces truly are modern furniture rediscovered.

Since its founding in 1945, Brown Jordan has strived to combine style and functionality. This goal has continued throughout the generations, which has led to Brown Jordan becoming synonymous with outdoor furniture over the past 70 years. The products are incredible in style, in function and durability.

The most fascinating aspect is that focus is all on outdoor furniture, which is much less popular among modern furniture designers. Developing a variety of different collections, Brown Jordan has come to offer something for any outdoor space. From modular contemporary designs to flowing transitional pieces, everything made by Brown Jordan is “vintage” but with a nod to the future of our world!

This trait is rare in the modern furniture world, where everyone is out to create something completely unique. Rather than always looking to the future, Brown Jordan looks to the past to draw inspiration for its designs. Using this inspiration, they are able to create pieces that are not only unique, but also iconic.

Whereas most modern furniture designers are confined to a few themes and templates that fall within the modern furniture framework, Brown Jordan experiences freedom to express themselves and create designs that are bold and different. This creativity ability allows them to develop collections that utilize styles that span decades and generations.

Brown Jordan is made to order, in many different metal finishes, a plethora of fabrics and sling fabrics. Many exclusive to Brown Jordan. And delivery is about 8 weeks, but the best is the comfort, the quality, and the warranty on their products!

We once had a customer who brought a friend to purchase Brown Jordan, she had her Brown Jordan for over 30 years and her husband would not let her replace it because it still looked in perfect condition! Her friend purchased Brown Jordan from us at idMI!!! The products all speak for themselves and the name has stood the test of time. Brown Jordan is iconic, vintage, modern and above all just beautiful outdoor living furniture.

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